Pterodactylman’s Eyeland Getaway PRESALE COPIES

Pre-release comix now available to order

Pterodactylman battles the lockdown blues in a surreal post-escapist semi-noir plotline that takes us on a search for an elusive amateur duck pilot to a mysterious island locale by way of a topsy-turvy quantum wave function (QWF) affected alternate universe…

…and it’s all written in haiku poetry form !

With an eye, or many eyes for detail, you won’t want to miss out on nabbing yourself a copy of this limited first edition full-colour Pterodactylman comic adventure!


• 2 classic Pterodactylman postcards 

• QR-code link to the comic’s own 2hr playlist

One first edition comic / signed and numbered

64 pages / full colour

Standard US comic size (170mm x 260mm)

Printed on smooth as 150gsm silk stock

with diamond gloss-laminated 350gsm cover

Price: AU$39.50

+AU$10 postage within Australia


First Edition of 40 copies only

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Total charge AU$49.50

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*Pre-release orders will be dispatching 10/12/21

Pterodactylman’s Eyeland Getaway

New full colour all haiku 64 page comic book coming soon.

“…a must have post-escapist adventure! Pterodactylman’s first substantial coffee table graphic novelette in decades deserves pole position in everybody’s stockings this silly season..” – Fay Kwote

Travel to Pterodactylman Comix (sea lynx bellow) for sneak peeks and associated radnom humourous graphic novelette ephemera!

Pthrilling Ptales Ptote Bag!

Pterodactylman is Pthrilled to be Psaving the planet…
with his new reusable heavy duty canvas shopping tote bag!

$50 FREE DELIVERY within Australia
+3 FREE ‘Pthrilling Pterodactylman Ptales’ Postcards
+3 FREE ‘Origin Of Pterodactylman’ Pulp Novel Postcards

BE the ENVY of everyone on the SCHLOCK!

ONLY 2 Ptotes remaining in stock right now
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Pthrilling Pterodactylman Ptales T-shirt

We have two left in stock of each in the men’s and women’s T-shirts styles.

The sizes are XXL for these and this is the largest we could get in.

If you would like a different size please let us know when you order!

$30 including postage to anywhere in Australia!

Contact us for international postage costs.

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