is a comic character come to life in the guise of  audiovisual artist Terry Dacht-Ullman, who first started drawing Pterodactylman in 1990 after being inspired by the home-made pterodactyl costume he’d created with paint, masking tape, cardboard, a red tablecloth, red tracksuit pants, a black studded belt and some turquoise Speedos™ for a 21st party.


the ever popular three-line seventeen-syllable short-form poem, was first shared around 1540 in Osaka Japan during their cultural exclusion period~ however it was Jack Kerouac’s generous use of haiku throughout books such as The Dharma Bums and Jack’s recordings of haiku alternating with spontaneous accompaniments by the great tenor saxdudes Al Kohn and Mort Simms that first piqued Terry’s interest in the poetic genre of haiku.. 444 years later!

These vaguely related factors have somehow uncannily coelesced to form the performance persona of today’s quasi-phenomenonal



Self-Published Works ~ Terry Dacht-Ullman

The Cosmic Haiku Of Pterodactylman  (A4 booklet) 1995
The Cosmic Haiku Of Pterodactylman (audio version/cassette) 1996
Live Cosmic Haiku Excerpts + The Improvised Soundtrack
‘The Origin Of Pterodactylman’ (CD) 1999
Pterodactylman Red Cordial Zine (A5) 2004



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