Pterodactylman’s Eyeland Getaway …. only 5 copies left! as of 19-01-23

Pterodactylman releases first new comic in DECADES

Pterodactylman battles the lockdown blues in a surreal post-escapist semi-noir plotline that takes us on a search for an elusive amateur duck pilot to a mysterious island locale by way of a topsy-turvy quantum wave function affected alternate universe…

…and it’s all written in the haiku poetry form !

With an eye, or many eyes for detail, you won’t want to miss out on nabbing yourself a copy of this limited first edition full-colour Pterodactylman comic adventure!


1 hand-folded (duh!) origami pterodactyl

• 2 classic Pterodactylman postcards 

• QR-code link to the comic’s own 2hr playlist

and of course… one first edition comic / signed and numbered

64 pages / full colour

Standard US comic size (170mm x 260mm)

Printed on 150gsm stock

with a sturdy gloss laminated 350gsm cover


* includes postage within Australia

First edition ~ 40 only

(5 copies remaining)

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Total charge

includes postage

to anywhere in Australia AU$49.50

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